A Man's testicles are his weakness leaving him vulnerable at all times to painful abuse. Delicate, highly sensitive testicles, react to even the lightest tap. All adolescent boys indulge in ball abuse making their friends balls hurt is great fun ,and never fully grow out of it. Most boys prefer to inflict the testicle pain. However there are some who initially disliked like all the others, grew to enjoy the pain of testicle abuse eventually finding it highly arousing. Having their balls abused by another male is fun and sexually exciting. Some like myself enjoy both inflicting testicle pain and receiving testicle pain.


There are also women who enjoy abusing testicles and inflicting testicle pain. They can be more cruel than another man. Another man knows what it is like to have his balls hurt and shares empathy and a certain amount of sympathy with a another man when it come to testicle pain. Women seem to have no such worries as they have not experience of what it testicle pain feels like and therefor show no sympathy when inflicting testicle pain.

This blog is all about testicle pain and those who inflict it and those who endure it. Those who like to watch it and read about it.